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Specialising in Dog Fear Reactivity

What does Dog Fear Reactivity Look Like?

Dogs who are fearful of other dogs often display their fear through behaviour such as; lunging forward and barking when seeing another dog. 

If this describes your dogs behaviour when he/she sees another dog, we would love to help!  We work with you and your dog by empowering you with the tools to succeed and empowering your dog to feel more confident and happy in their world.



* Positive training methods * Clear and Effective Communication *

* Fun relationship building * Experienced and Professional Advice * Proven Results *

Why use Positive Reinforcement? Here are the great reasons below!

Why Train your Dog?

Sadly, in Australia, many dogs do not make it beyond 3 years of age as they are given up or euthanised.This is mostly due to undesirable behaviours, many of which can be replaced with newly learned skills and good behaviours! Yay!

Clients sometimes hope that their dog's undesirable behaviours will go away by themselves. However they mostly continue and often become worse or lead to other unwanted behaviours.

For a new puppy there is a very special and delicate time frame during their first 16 weeks of learning. This is called the Critical Fear or First Fear Imprint Age. If they have a bad or frightful experience during this stage, it may cause behaviours that can last their lifetime, such as fear reactivity.

Giving your puppy positive experiences through their environment and learning desirable behaviours will not only start them off on the right paw but will help your puppy to develop into a happy, confident, loving dog that the whole family can enjoy and are less likely to develop undesirable behaviours down the track LOL! ........(For more information on Critical Fear Imprint, please click on the tab along the main tool bar)

Why chose Simply Love Dogs?

  • Professionally certified: Certificate 4 in Companion Animal Services

  • A proud member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Inc (APDT)

  • A proud member of The Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA)

  • Insurance: At Simply Love Dogs, the safety and care of your dog is PARAMOUNT.      Your dog is fully insured whilst in our care

  • First Aid Trained

  • Police Check: APP1507392

  • As with any profession, it is important to keep abreast of new developments, research and knowledge within that field. We are committed to furthering our education in the discipline of dog training and behaviour by attending conferences and workshops with world leading dog behaviourists and scientists in canine behaviour, so we may share this with my fellow human and canine clients!

  • What brings us Joy?  Meeting or exceeding clients needs and helping to return displaced harmony to  family-dog household!

  • We Care! As a Registered Nurse (Bachelor in Nursing 1993) Caring is in the blood! Sharon Wishart (Owner/Operator)

Dog Training

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Mat or ‘place’ TRAINING GIVES A SAFE PLACE FOR A PUPPY OR DOG TO GO TO, either at home or WHEN out anD about (LOCAL cafE ETC). it is also a great place for your dog to GO and relax when visitors arrive at the house.

IN THIS PHOTO I Have asked 'salt' (14 MONTHS) and 'pepper' (5 MONTHS) from the same household TO 'STAY' WHILST I move about (in a silly and interactive way) TO test "theIR stay" WHILST UNDER DISTRACTION. like any training, it begins at the dogs home. P.S. YOU CAN SEE BY THEIR EXPRESSIONS THEY ARE ALMOST SAYING “WHAT IS SHE DOING??”