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Dangerous Plants & Food to Dogs

There are a number of plants and food that are toxic and very dangerous to dogs. If a dog was to ingest the food or plants listed below, the outcome could be fatal. It is very important to protect your dog from these deadly substances by ‘doggy proofing’ your home and always being vigilant when out in public places. Many dogs are quite quick at snatching up an object / plant or leftover piece of food whether at home or out on a walk. Often gatherings within a family home or elsewhere provide lots of temptation for a dog and for your friendly neighbour who “could not say NO to that face?”


Teaching your dog “Leave it”, will help prevent your dog from picking up undesirable food at home and when out and about 

Even if a type of food is not fatal or toxic, it still may not be good for your dog. For example that yummy leftover sausage that has your dogs name all over it – however – this sausage contains the same amount of FAT content as 13 DOUGHNUTS for a human! Whilst your dog may enjoy the sausage, his stomach later may disagree and you will see him/ her have the runs or worse still develop pancreatitis! If you suspect your pet may have ingested any of the following plants or foods please seek veterinarian treatment immediately.

Listed below are some of the toxic food and plants to dogs (but not limited to):

Dangerous Food

  • Chocolate, Grapes, Avocados, Sultanas, Onions, Macadamia Nuts, BBQ Scraps, Fatty Raw Bones, Fatty Meat Off-Cuts.

  • Excessive amounts of Vitamin A, Sulphar Dioxide, Cooked and Hard Bones, Paracetamol, Aspirin and other human pain relievers.

Toxic Plants


  • Aloe Vera, Emerald Fern, Amaryllis, English Fern, American Bittersweet, Asian Lilly, Flamingo Plant, Asparagus Fern.

  • Foxglove, Australian Macadamia Nut, Fruit Salad Plant, Azalea, German Ivy, Bird of Paradise, Gladiolas, Boston Ivy.

  • Heavenly Bamboo, Branching Ivy, Holly, Brunfelsia Bonodora (Kiss me Quick), Hyacinth, Buckeye, Hydrangea.

  • Buddhist Pine, Iris, Calla Lilly, Japanese show lily, Charming Dieffenbachia, Japanese Yew, Chinaberry Tree.

  • Lacy Fern Tree, Chinese Primrose, Marble Queen, Clematis, Marijuana, Cordatum, Mistletoe, Corn Plant.

  • Mother in law Tongue, Cut leaf Philodendron, Nightshade, Cycads, Orange Day Lilly, Cyclamen, Panda, Daffodil.

  • Red Lilly, Day Lilly, Stargazer Lilly, Deadly Nightshade, Sago Palm, Devil's Ivy, Taro Vine, Dumb Cane, Tiger Lilly.

  • Easter Lily, Tomato Plant, Elephant Ears, Tulip.

Whilst this is a comprehensive list it is not finite and therefore it is always advisable to research further should you be concerned about certain plants or food that may be detrimental to your dogs health and well being.


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