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Unwanted or Concerning Behaviour

Is your dog or puppy showing unwanted behaviour such as jumping up, pulling on the lead, crossing in front of you when you are waking, bursting through doorways, digging, barking at washing trolleys, vacuum cleaners, brooms, wheelie bins, lawn mowers and so on?  Or is his or hers behaviour more concerning such as fear reactivity to other dogs, phobias, separation anxiety, second fear imprint?


Don't be concerned; Simply Love Dogs can direct you in replacing unwanted behaviour with good and wanted behaviour! At your home and at your convenience, I will visit you/ your family and your dog for the first session/consult. Depending on what behaviour your dog is exhibiting, one or two sessions may be all that is required to replace the unwanted behaviour with good ones!

Unwanted concerning bad dog

If it is a behaviour that is more concerning, such as fear reactivity, separation anxiety, it takes more time to address. Together we will formulate a plan that works in with you/your family and your beloved pooch. Through behaviour modification/training, together with love, support and consistency, it still remains heart warming to see how much can be achieved in these sessions.

If there is a behaviour that your dog is exhibiting and we cannot treat alone, we will recommend that you visit your vet to ensure there is no underlying medical issue and / or a doggy behaviour specialist. Whatever the case, we will provide all the relevant background information / referral letter and support you through this process every step of the way. 

Whether you have a puppy straight out of puppy class, an adolescent or a mature aged dog; who you think is "stuck in its ways", they are all capable of learning new things! For many of us, training often falls by the wayside for our beloved dogs, simply because there is so much else going on in our daily lives that takes our time and energy! Whether you are thinking of picking up from where you left off or continuing the teaching post puppy class or starting from scratch - the good news is; it is never too late!


Does this all sound familiar and would you like to discuss your requirements one on one, please contact me for an obligation free chat! 

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