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Salty - Julie Johnston.jpeg

Julie Johnston

Killara NSW

Salty the Labrador xo

When our labrador was younger she had had some basic dog training and for the past nine years she has been pretty good.  However, when taking her for a walk, she did still strain on her leash quite badly and it was sometimes quite exhausting trying to hold her back – all 35 kilos of enthusiasm! Sharon from “Simply Love Dogs” came and walked our dog with us using a easy walker harness and loose lead, as well as kindly prompting our dog to walk alongside us and not stop to smell every tree in the street (perhaps one or two).

We could not believe how much easier it was to walk our dog! She simply does not pull the same with the old chain collar, which makes it all the more pleasurable for anyone taking her for a walk. She is also encouraged to stop less with the help of valuable dog walking tips from Sharon.

For someone with a bad shoulder, I would often dread the pulling off the leash and not be that keen to take her for a walk. However, with the wonderful kind & caring help from Sharon at “Simply Love Dogs” this has completed turned around! 

I know this can often be a problem with the bigger dogs, in particular, so I would urge you to contact Sharon as soon as you can to rectify this!

Murphy - Lyn Pritchard.jpg

Lyn Pritchard

Seaforth NSW

I consider myself very fortunate to have seen Sharon training another dog when I was walking our young pup one day. I could see immediately how focused she was on her work and how gentle yet firm she was with dogs in her care. Sharon has been training our dog ever since and has done wonders with her, she is obedient and calm and a delight to walk. Sharon always provides us with a comprehensive report of each walk/training session, which allows me to reinforce new strategies when I walk her in between sessions. Sharon is at all times a sheer delight to deal with, incredibly patient and accommodating and her attitude is extremely professional. I could not recommend her highly enough. 


Peter & Bronwen Castor

Collaroy Plateau NSW

Passion, Professionalism & Patience

We think these three P's sum up Sharon Wishart's approach to doggy training and care.

The truth is that Sharon's passion for dogs has been a lifelong one and she is now able to share that passion and knowledge with other dog owners. She understands dogs and simply loves them! Doggies respond to her and they simply love her! Although only a relatively recent entry to professional dog training and handling Sharon demonstrates experience and knowledge of many years. She is the consummate professional and is always striving to bring out the best in her four legged students and their two legged owners. Sharon is also happy to seek advice from other professionals if and when she considers it would benefit her charges.

As the proud "parents" of two exuberant pups, Salt and Pepper, we are amazed at what they have achieved during their special time with Sharon. Even though the pups have energy to burn they are quick to respond to Sharon's instructions and eagerly await her next request before heading off. Sharon understands that modifying behaviour, building confidence and training pups in particular doesn't happen overnight. Her gentle patience has inspired love and devotion from our Salt and well as a hearty dose of mischief!

We would highly recommend Sharon to anyone who wants to share quality life with their pooch...the journey for us so far has been amazing!

Amos - Di.JPG

Diane Tipper

French Forest NSW

I can totally recommend Sharon for her incredible love for dogs and her amazing ability to help you get your dogs behaviour under control in the nicest possible way. Within 2 lessons we are well on the way to having a perfect dog.

Thank you Sharon you have made a big difference to us both.


Jane Taylor

Asquith NSW

Cherry 14 year old Poodle Cross Shih Tzu

Thanks so much for showing Cherry and I how wonderful Find it games can be. Cherry, as a 14 year old dog, is not able to walk so far and has trouble with her eyes and hearing, but she is bright and likes to be engaged so your game suggestions of how to make use of her sense of smell have been such a fabulous way to calm and interest her. Thanks also for your specific advice on how to make our new home more manageable for her. It has made such a fabulous difference.

Bowie - Aislie.jpeg

Aisling O'Brien

French Forest NSW

Simply Love Dogs is a great name for Sharon's dog training business. Sharon loves dogs and is passionate about positive reinforcement in dog training. A natural dog whisperer and highly skilled. In a few weeks Sharon has helped our Alsation/Lab puppy grow into a beautiful well mannered dog who loves to train through play and games.


Emma Lambert

Collaroy NSW

“I engaged Sharon for puppy training when our new Labrador pup (Luna) was 12 weeks old. Sharon came to our house 2-3 times a week during Luna’s first year and helped shape our precious Labrador into the most adored dog in the world. Sharon helped with crate training, loose lead walking, cute tricks, managing distractions (birds, dogs, puddles, lawn mowers, big scary rubbish piles, you name it) and overall polite doggy manners which has resulted in the most beautiful natured adult dog we could have asked for. Luna is turning 3 in August and we are still utilising Sharon’s services because we see the benefit of ongoing training/reinforcing skills learned and really just because our Luna absolutely loves her time with Sharon and we love our dog that much that a fortnightly outing with Sharon is the least we could do for Luna!"

Theo - Louise.JPG

Louise Cronk

Dulwich Hill NSW

I cannot recommend Sharon highly enough. She is patient and compassionate and truly loves what she does. I have a very fearful dog and Sharon taught us some great techniques to use to build not only my dogs confidence but mine too! She has been a great asset and ever so caring. Highly recommend!


Kate & Greg Shaw


Barney the camp dog

As rescue dog owners for more than 35 years we thought we knew how to manage Barney, our 7-year-old dog from an NT indigenous community. We were wrong. While he was happy at home with us, whenever we took him for a walk, he was uncontrollable, did not take any direction, and was hyper-vigilant around other people and dogs. We knew we needed professional help, so we contacted Sharon. 

Sharon’s knowledge of the behaviour of dogs, and their owners, is amazing! It is based on sound research and involves patience and lots of positive reinforcement. We really appreciated the time Sharon took to explain why Barney might be exhibiting these behaviours and demonstrated techniques that we could try with Barney at home to get him used to, before trying them outside.

Sharon also quickly diagnosed, through his behaviours, that he was suffering from anxiety, and in consultation with Barney’s vet, he is now on anxiety medication and has come ahead in leaps and bounds. Thanks to Sharon’s expertise, and her genuine love of dogs, we now have a much happier dog that has all the basic skills and loves his time outdoors. If we were to have an issue with Barney’s behaviour in the future, or with any other dog, Sharon would be the first we would call to help!

Kate and Greg


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