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Collaroy Plateau Veterinary

Collaroy Plateau Veterinary provides the utmost quality of care for your pets. You can be assured that your pets are in experienced and loving hands.

If your dog or new puppy is uneasy about vet visits and you would like to make their experience more relaxed and happier for them, then contact Collaroy Plateau Vets to arrange a time to pop in with your pooch!

This visit is all about creating a friendly vet experience for your puppy/dog (without any related procedure on that day).
With love, cuddles and YUMMY TREATS dished out by the wonderful staff, your pooch will learn through positive association that their vet is a really good place to visit!


For further information please visit:

24A Aubreen Street, Collaroy Plateau
(02) 9982 9439

Savourlife Pty Ltd

SavourLife is a family-owned, Australian company inspired by a love for dogs and a desire to make a difference.  They make natural, Australian-made food and treats for dogs and donate 50% of their profits to pet rescue organisations; helping them save and re-home abandoned dogs.  


With their “See Who You’re Helping” code on each pack, you are linked to a real-life rescue dog; can help them in the re-homing process via their social media plug-ins, and can get updates on your dog’s progress.  You even get a message when they get adopted!

Through our best friends’ love of food, they aim to educate people on the joys of rescue dogs and to defend those dogs already abandoned; finding them permanent, happier homes.  They make it easy for you to lend a hand to a great movement, while providing the absolute best, Australian-made nutrition for your dog.

For further information please visit:

Halo for Paws

The "white cane" for the blind dog.... 

Halo for Paws is a wonderful initiative, derived from founder Dorie Stratton along with her friend Ellen 'the machinist' to provide blind or partially blind dogs with their 'Halo Vests' all over the world. The vests help the dogs regain their confidence through the protection of the 'halo' when navigating their way around their home or external environment. We were so warmed by this positive story, that we simply had to share it with you.

There are other reasons besides old age or trauma that dogs lose their sight, such as SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome). Further information on SARDS can be found on the Halo for Paws website.

For further information please visit:

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