Simply Love Dogs – About Me

My love of dogs goes back as far as I remember. From childhood we had our beloved family dogs whose loyal companionship enriched our daily lives and our camping holidays. Our dogs have only known and continue to only know, kindness, gentle care and loads of love!

Large Dogs, Small Dogs, Young to Old, Pedigree or Mix Breeds.....  I love them all!

My main role throughout my life has been one of caring. As a registered nurse I had the privilege of caring for patients and their families.

Later, making a change from shift work, I helped to build a business from its infancy printing products that proudly supports Australian Charities. It was my role and pleasure to care for both corporate and charity clients during these 16 years. Further enriching this experience are the lifelong friendships that were formed and remain until this day.

Currently into my 5th decade (yes the body is still pretty fit and working very well, touch wood!) there were two things that instigated further life changes. One being an underlying love and passion to work with dogs and the other is my lifelong love and hubby who underwent two heart operations over the recent few years (with much success, yay!) These monumental events helped reassess my priorities, focus and direction. It was now or never! I took the leap just over 3 years ago and Simply Love Dogs was born!

With a beloved healthy hubby by my side, it is my privilege and pleasure to work with wonderful and very special dogs and their owners!

I look forward to the opportunity of chatting with you.....