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 My Services

All my services are private training sessions for you and your family using "positive reinforcement". This is a proven gentle training method, based on the psychology of how dogs think and learn. 

Each service includes the following: 

  • Tailoring to you and your dog's specific needs and requirements.

  • At your home and at your convenience. I will visit you/ your family and your dog for the first session/consult, as this is where all doggy training begins.

  • No need to purchase a block of training sessions, as a set number of sessions are not always appropriate for everyone.

  • I don't 'just show you what to do' and leave you to teach your dog. I work for you, with you and uniquely to you/your family and dogs needs.

  • It is important for you and your dog to be as hands on as possible while learning. Not only to equip you going forward, but essentially, it strengthens the 'pet-owner' relationship. Plus it is enjoyable as well as rewarding for both of you.

  • In addition, if your time, work or family commitments are already a juggle; I will work alone with your puppy/dog, getting one or two sessions of work in initially after which I will be handing over periodically so you remain in the loop.

  • Whichever way; I will set you and your dog up for success!

Puppy Training

Learning the basics such as sit, down, stay, wait, come, mat training, loose lead walking (without pulling), crate / kennel training etc. 

Unwanted / Concerning Behaviour

From unwanted behaviours such as jumping up or pulling on the lead to concerning behaviours such as phobias or fear reactivity. 


Involve the whole family to ensure consistency in the communication to your dog and avoid sending out mixed messages.  

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