Simply Love Dogs – Cancellation Policy

We do not wish to charge a cancellation fee and have clients pay for a service they are not receiving.

For all of us, things happen in life, i.e. Human medical emergencies, family and friends in need (interstate and overseas). Your dog is unwell and currently being cared for at your veterinary clinic!

Our work is a little different, in that, we provide a 'One on One Dog' Service. Only your dog is booked in with us for his/ her training session (not that of multiple dogs).

You will not be charged if you cancel a service, however we will ask you to kindly notify us of the cancellation at your earliest convenience allowing us the opportunity to re-organise our work schedule.

If cancellation becomes a frequent occurrence, we would need to discuss an arrangement with you, to assist with our loss of scheduled work.

In respect, for similar reasons, should we not be able to honour our service for the day we will contact you at our earliest convenience to allow you the opportunity to cancel or reschedule our services.

Thank you.......!